Check out these alternate endings to movies you may not have known about!

Feb 05, 2014 -- 6:23am

WARNING:If you haven’t seen these movies, there ARE spoilers to the endings.


"Pretty Woman" ends with Richard Gere driving to Julia Roberts' neighborhood to give her the fairy tale ending she's always wanted. But in the original script, he shows up with $3,000 for spending the week with him, then drives off.  And she ends up on her knees in the gutter picking up the money, after throwing it against his car window in disgust. Also, Julia's character was a drug addict in addition to being a prostitute, and Gere wouldn't let her use, so she suffered from withdrawal during the week. The movie was ultimately made by Touchstone, a subsidiary of Disney, so obviously they made a lot of changes.


"Rocky":  Rocky throws the fight for money . . . instead of taking world champion Apollo Creed 15 rounds and losing by decision . . . and buys Adrienne the pet store.


"Alien":  The alien kills Sigourney Weaver by biting off her head . . . then gets on the radio and communicates with Earth in her voice.


"Seven":  In the movie, after Brad Pitt finds his girlfriend's head in a box, he shoots the killer, Kevin Spacey.  But originally they were going to have Brad's partner, Morgan Freeman, kill him, so Brad wouldn't get the blame.


"There's Something About Mary":  After Ben Stiller FINALLY hooks back up with Cameron Diaz, he gets hit by a bus.  The end.


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