Bob Soos

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Favorite Food:  Salmon baked on a cedar plank

Favorite TV Show:  Frazier reruns on Netflix

Favorite Movie:  Blazing Saddles – the unedited version.  That movie couldn’t be made today

Favorite College Team:  Notre Dame…got an awesome woman’s Lacrosse team

Hobbies/Pastimes:  Jogging on the beach while smoking a good Cuban cigar

Dream Vacation:  Diving Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Favorite Restaurant:  The one’s that serve food

Dislikes:  Beach erosion, short green traffic lights

On my tombstone:  “He’s not here yet”

Born in:  South Bend, Ind

Favorite kind of music:  Junkanoo

Favorite pizza topping:  Jack Daniels

Siblings: 1 bro, two sis

Drink of choice:  Cuba Libre

Starbucks drink of choice:  Water, the only thing worth the price

Some other interesting factoids:  Played drums in a rock band called the “Mass Confusion” (we were)

Favorite thing to do on the weekends:  Play the hits on 93.7 WGYL

When I retire:  Play the hits on 97.1 “Ocean FM”