Hamp Elliott


Hometown: Potsdam, New York

Highschool Mascot: Mustangs

Birthday: April 24th

Ice Cream: Dulce Le Leche
Ice Cream topping: Caramel
Food: Any kind of fish
Fine Artist: Andy Warhol
Album Beginning to end: Michael Jackson’s Thriller
Music to cook to: Disco
Music to sleep to: Disco
Music to party to: Disco
Song:  Disco Inferno
Movie: Saturday Night Fever
Movie quote: You Can’t Handle The Truth
TV Shows:  Vegas, Friday Night Lights
Actor/role: Johnny Depp “Pirates of the Caribbean”
Actress/role:  Glen Close “Fatal Attraction”
Spectator Sport:  College Football
Hobbies: Coaching Cheerleaders
Alcoholic Beverage: Canadian club and Seven
Super hero: Superman
MORE Questions:
What is the most unusual object in your garage? A car
Best way to kill time at work? Nap
Trapped on a desert island – Who would you want to be trapped with?  Jennifer Aniston She’s adorable
Last concert attended? Tony Bennett..King Center
Who would you want to take a fishing trip/rafting trip with? Don’t like to fish or rafting
Last thing you stole besides music? Nothing
Say you stole alladins lamp what are your 3 wishes? Money, Money, Money
Who would you bring back to life? John Wayne…Mr. Macho
Place you want to visit? Australia
What celebrity would you trade your spouse for? Jennifer Aniston
Where you would flee to if you were being chased by the government? Dubai
The happiest recent event was: Our cheeleading program…Spectrum Elite won the National Championship