A Little Bit About Geoff Moore

Morning Man Geoff Moore...He’s done Theater, TV, and movies - so he thought, why not radio. Geoff Moore is the Host for mornings on WGYL-FM.

Geoff Moore is from a small town in upstate New York - Jamestown  New York, home of Lucille Ball.  Geoff has done radio both in the US, and participated abroad on numerous shows.  With over 15 years of broadcast experience in a variety of formats ranging from Talk to Country, and Top 40 - Geoff is a proud member the Treasure & Space Coast Radio family in Vero Beach. “I feel my sole purpose in life is to connect with the listeners,” states Geoff Moore,  “being able to bring a smile to their face each day is what makes it worth getting out of bed in the morning”. Geoff is not only blessed with the job of his dreams, but blessed with his biggest accomplishment yet...a wife Sandy, Son Zach, and Daughter Mackenzie. Self proclaimed Radio Geek and born entertainer, Geoff is always looking forward to meeting, entertaining, and learning from everyone.  Geoff says "93.7 WGYL listeners are just like family members you haven't met yet – I love'em“.

He's worked for; WFLS-FM (Country) in Fredericksburg, VA ** WMTX-FM (AC) in Tampa, FL ** WLMI-FM (Country) in Ridgeway PA, and WKZA-FM in Jamestown NY.


Email Geoff at Geoff@thebreeze.fm


Chelsea grew up in sunny Stuart, Florida. Winning a scholarship for the Theater program at Indian River State College, she discovered her love for performing and truly feels that she is meant to entertain people. "If I can brighten a person's life, even if just for a moment, then it has been a good day," Chelsea said. She is brand new to the radio scene and is excited to start her career with Treasure and Space Coast Radio. "I cannot wait to be able to connect with the listeners. I want to hear their stories and be able to share my stories with them. I want to make them feel like they're not just listening to a morning show but that they're a part of it," She said. She has a lot to learn but is ecstatic to start a career doing something she loves.

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