Hometown: Vero Beach
High School Mascot: Indian 
Birthday: Yearly, I’m a grumpy Cancer!

Ice Cream: Butter Pecan
Ice Cream topping: Caramel
Food: Lasagna
Fine Artist: Newton (Highwaymen)
Musical Aritist: THe Script
Album Beginning to end: Book of Dreams – Steve Miller Band
Music to cook to: I don’t cook.
Music to party to: Buffet
Song: Silly Love Songs & I’m Not In Love
Movie: Gettysburg
Movie quote: Sometimes I just want to get buck naked and jump in a pool of chocolate pudding.
TV Shows: Seinfeld
Actor/role: Ronald Reagan/President
Actress/role: Jennifer Aniston/you pick
Spectator Sport: Lacrosse and Soccer
Hobbies: genealogy, kayaking, photography
Alcoholic Beverage: Depends on who is buying
Super hero: Underdog. He always got Polly.
MORE Questions:
What is the most unusual object in your garage? Esophageal Gastric Tube Airway
Best way to kill time at work? If I tell they will find out how I do it and put a stop to it.
Trapped on a desert island – Who would you want to be trapped with? Somebody much more important than me so I could be assured they were searching for us.
Last concert attended? Where? Buffett – Coral Sky
Who would you want to take a fishing trip/rafting trip with? Why? After having been stuck on a desert island I’m not going anywhere near the water.
Last thing you stole besides music? A lamp.
Say you stole alladins lamp what are your 3 wishes? 1. Don’t Get Caught. 2. Friendly occupant of the lamp. 3. Three more wishes of course.
Who would you bring back to life? Why? Lee Harvey Oswald. Determine if the Warren Commission got it right.
Place you want to visit? Any ghost town in the west.
What celebrity would you trade your spouse for? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea what the repercussions would be if I, for just one moment,  even gave this question any consideration!
Last concert or movie you walked out on? Celine Dion
Where you would flee to if you were being chased by the government? I would go where my Alladin’s Lamp is located. Wait, it must not be working, as they are chasing me I didn’t get my first wish.
My hair is: much fuller than Tom’s.
When I was 4: I was probably less of a pain the butt then I am today.
When I look down I see: Two left feet.
The happiest recent event was: Birth of my daughters
If I were a character on ‘Friends’:  Chandler
By this time next year: I would like to have picked just enough numbers in the lottery to get out of debt.
I'm currently mad at: My mortgage company, my insurance company, and the politicians who are taxing us too much. 
I want to buy: Microsoft and make software affordable.